Thursday, April 30, 2009

Literacy Tips for Early Readers

1. Point out print in the child’s environment: on cereal boxes, food labels, toys, restaurants and traffic signs.
Sing songs, say short poems or nursery rhymes and play rhyming words games with your child.

2. Tell stories to your child.

3. Read aloud to your child. Point to the words on the page as you read.

4. Read a short passage several times to your child until your child can read it with you. Then encourage your child to read the passage to you.

5. Encourage older children to read with younger children.

6. Encourage your child to read (or pretend to read) to you.

7. Make this reading enjoyable. Don’t worry if your child does not read all of the words correctly; instead, applaud your child’s efforts to read.

8. Go to the library together.

9. Have books, magazines and newspapers around the house. Let your child see you reading.

10. Encourage your child to write things such as grocery lists, to-do lists, postcards or short messages to family members or friends. Don’t worry about conventional spelling at this point; instead, encourage your child’s first efforts at authorship.

11. When watching television, have the captioning feature enabled so that the children view the words while hearing them performed aloud.

♥ & Respect Books ~ read often & help others to do the same =9.

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