Monday, May 11, 2009

Ideas for Celebrating Children's Book Week

•Make your voice heard with the Children's Choice Book Awards! Click here to see the finalists. Then tell us which was your favorite by voting! A Children's Choice Book Award will be given to the winner in each age group during Children's Book Week. We'll post the winners here on the Book Week site, so come back to find out how your favorites did!

• It doesn't need to be Book Week for you to find great books: the Children's Choices list is available all year round. Kids across the country pick their favorite books each year, and about 100 books make the cut. You can find the lists from other years here - come find out what other kids think are the best books of the past few years!

•Come test your skills with our Children's Book Week puzzles!

•Great authors have started a story… come help them finish the tale with our Story Starters!

• Tell your teacher or librarian to check out our page for teachers and librarians - they'll get great ideas there for how to celebrate Book Week in your school.

•When you read a really great book, don't you want to make sure everyone knows about it? That's how Seth Cassel felt. That's why he started FLAMINGNET, a site where teens can tell other teens what they think about the books they read. Go read what they have to say, and find out how you can get involved!

♥ & Respect Books ~ read often & help others to do the same =9.


  1. Congrats! You have something here.

  2. Great post, and thanks for the great links :)